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An Introduction to Abundant Life Outreach International Ministry

This is a Ministry committed to serving multi-generations and cultures throughout the world, by developing disciples who demonstrate the Kingdom of God’s principles. This is achieved through planting churches throughout the world and inviting churches and ministries to affiliate so as to be fathered / mentored. Practical Evangelism is the core of this ministry. As part of our Vision, Christian Institutions and Health Centres are essential for the purpose of producing and addressing social ills in our nations.


Pastor the believer.
Celebrations, cells, meetings and house visitations are the means which will be employed to pursue the mission, to make sure that everyone’s needs are attended to.


Preach the Gospel.
To make Abundant Life Outreach International a place where Christ Jesus reigns and His presence is known, where the Holy Spirit controls and worship is extravagant, where discipleship is normative and evangelism is relational, where leaders are multiplying, lay people do ministry and God’s truth is lived out in everyday life; among a trans-cultural , multi-generational people who bring transformation to every jurisdiction on our culture


Prepare Disciples.
In obedience to the great commission in Mathew 28v18-20, we employ the process of winning the lost through alter calls; men, women, youth and children’s network; and also cells, consolidating them in Christ by allocating them to a leader in a cell, disciple them through the school of leaders and the G12 cell meetings and then send them out to do the same.


Plant throughout the world.
It is our goal to raise leaders who will go all over the world in obedience to the great commission “Go into the entire world and preach the gospel to every creature”
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